Thursday, 26 September 2013

Interview on Dead Good Poets Radio

Ashley Lister interviews me on the Dead Good Poetry Show, on my poetic influences (with some archival recordings from Louis MacNeice and Dorothy Parker), five principles I'd offer other poets, and my current novel.
Plus, I read three of my poems: "Drowsy Substrata" (the earliest poem I still like, written when I was seventeen), "The Dream of the Yellow Room" (from Anachronism and published in the BFS Journal Winter 2012), and "The Meaning" (from my novel in progress, The Artist and the Mathematician).

or right-click the link to save onto your iPod / whatnot (mp3) and carry my dulcet tones about with you. It's like having a tiny Megan inside your head.

The Dead Good Poetry Show plays live on Saturday nights from 8pm to 10pm (UK time) - you can listen online from the links here. You can also join the Dead Good Poets' Society facebook page.

Thanks to Ashley Lister for a great interview and Fiona Thraille for her audio jiggerypokery skill to twiddle levels and such like.

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