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Sunday, 29 December 2013

12 days of writing: beginnings

Beginning with blurbs

If you don't have a premise already, use this one: Why did the protagonist fake those maps?

Write a back-cover blurb for that story, making it up as you go along: make the blurb completely over-the-top, camped-up marketing-style stuff, as cheesy as you like; a pastiche of blurb-writing; have fun with it. Write as many blurbs as you want. Write that first, then scroll below the pictures.

Now look at your blurb: does it end with a question or a dramatic sentence? That's the main plot drive. What does it tell you before that? That's all the set-up your beginning will do: everything the reader needs to know about the character, setting, and situation before the main plot can really get underway. Your first scenes will tell your reader all that, while giving them something to be interested in.

Using your blurb, start writing the first scene of the novel: prick the reader's curiosity, and keep half an eye on the main plot drive you're headed for and the set-up you want to weave in.

Tomorrow, we're writing with... symbols.

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