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Friday, 27 December 2013

12 days of writing: plot-layering

Plot layering: The best and worst of times

If you don't have a premise already, use this one: Why did the protagonist fake those maps?

And now the plot thickens... Use each prompt to speedwrite what happens, for a few minutes for each prompt. (Ahhh... is bad for your character, YAY! is good.)
  • Ahhh...  Somebody knows something important and isn't telling. Who? What? 
  • YAY! The opposition has a personal problem. (Schadenfreude result!) Who? What? 
  • Ahhh... The protagonist has an awkward character trait that makes it more difficult. What is it? 
  • YAY! Somebody malicious helps somehow. Who? How? Intentionally or not? 
  • Ahhh... Add a new character to make it more difficult. Who are they? Why's it worse? 
  • YAY! The main character discovers a crucial object. What is it? Why does it help? 
  • Ahhh... The clear, obvious route to success is completely wrong. Why? 
  • YAY! Something we thought was impossible happens. What? 
Tomorrow, we're writing with... tension and stakes.

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