Friday, 20 June 2014

Writing prompt: quick-fire research on... 1970s

Create a richer sense of time in your writing with quick-fire research and writing prompts. This is the first of a bundle, so have fun. HOW TO PLAY: Don't scroll down yet! Set aside 20-30 mins.
First, you have a time-period prompt - set a timer, follow the links, and spend 10 mins researching the time period. Then scroll down the rest of the way for your writing prompt. Spend 10 mins writing without doing more research. Afterwards, you can check any details you need to, but first let your writing flow uninterrupted.

Your time period: 1970s (UK)

First: Click here to do 10 minutes of research on Retrowow

1970s girl with flower
Early Lightwriter in the 1970s

Geraldo Rivera circa 1970s
Volvo 131341 T 1970
Pan Am 1970s flight attendant
Minimoog model D (early 1970s), MIM PHX

Your premise: The protagonist's partner can read his / her mind

It's time to write.

Want more? Try another Quick-fire research prompt: Vikings or get more links for historical research on my links page. See all the writing prompts on the blog, including the 12 days of writing.

All pictures courtesy of Wikicommons. See the title of an image for its accreditation.

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