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Friday, 26 December 2014

12 days of writing: themes

Try twenty minutes to half an hour each day for some lovely, restful creative play with the 12 Days of Writing. If you've just joined in, start your story here. Each day, you get a new prompt to develop it further

Themes: everyone's got an opinion

Flick through everything you've created and invented so far. What issues that you care about are emerging? What beliefs that you hold are playing out? (If you can't think of any issues or beliefs you feel strongly about, try this: what makes you fly to the keyboard - or leave a discussion altogether - because someone is wrong on the internet? Okay - now come back from XKCD - it's writing time...)

Spread your notebook open at an empty double-page spread, and draw a line horizontally across both pages, so you have four squares. The four characters you have pictures of each get a square for what they believe. Make each character's take on the issue different. You can write this in a few different ways, whichever you fancy:

  • just jot down what their belief / stance is on that issue
  • write their opinion about it, in their voice, as if they were speaking / writing about it
  • jot down a few ideas for scenes which would show them acting out what they believe
  • write a snippet of a scene where they act out what they believe
To keep the time in check, give yourself about 5 mins for each character.

Tomorrow we'll play with Symbols. If you want to share what you invent, tweet me @WritersGreenHse. I'd love to hear.

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