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Friday, 19 December 2014

12 days of writing: your premise

Try twenty minutes to half an hour each day for some lovely, restful creative play with the 12 Days of Writing. Start the story here, and each day you'll get a new prompt to develop it further.

Serving suggestion: Choose a notebook specially for this and write by hand. When you need to cut and glue things, you can paste them into your notebook. It becomes a wonderful little story scrapbook and it's just fun to have physical things sometimes, instead of working on a screen.

Give yourself a little time: Having a snippet of your own creative space is just wonderful. If you need to defend this to anyone, do Serious Face and say your writing teacher said you had to. I'll back you up.


Why did the protagonist steal those spices?

Spend about 20 mins or so exploring the answers to these questions:

Which spices did they steal? ~~~ Who were the spices stolen from? ~~~ Why did the protagonist need them? What are they going to do with them? ~~~ Who is the protagonist? ~~~ Why did they steal them?

Tomorrow we'll play with Characters. If you want to share what you invent, tweet me @WritersGreenHse. I'd love to hear.

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