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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Weekly writing prompt: Playing with voice


Your weekend writing prompt is to play with voice. To create the character, grab three random character traits from this random character traits generator. Take the first three you get: that way, you're more likely to be playing outside your usual choices. (And less likely to spend the whole ten minutes clicking "Generate three character traits"!)

Then the character is going to either write a letter of apology or apologise in person to someone - written or spoken is up to you. I suggest you do this as a ten-minute free-writing exercise: once you have the character traits, just start writing. Let the voice emerge and the voice decide what they're apologising for (and whether they mean it). Have fun!

This is the 2nd of 12 weekly writing prompts in the run-up to the Summer of Writing workshops in Oxford this August: 5 one-day creative writing workshops for adults, for any level from beginners to experienced writers. There's be a new prompt each week, so you can subscribe to the blog here:

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You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to get reminders. Each of the prompts loosely connects with one of the Summer of Writing workshops: this one links with Characters Unlike You, as the juxtaposition of random character traits helps you step outside your own traits. The full list of Summer of Writing workshops is...

  • Saturday 3 August: Page-Turners: how to keep the reader reading – whether you’re writing literary fiction or a pot-boiler thriller
  • Saturday 10 August: Writing In Scenes: explore how to balance the different ingredients of a scene and ways of approaching the “big scenes” in your story
  • Saturday 17 August: Characters Unlike You: explore a range of ways to write characters unlike yourself and vary a story's cast, while you develop new characters
  • Saturday 24 August: Hone Your Style: explore what makes quality prose, from angela carter’s richness to margaret atwood’s restraint, and hone your own style
  • Saturday 31 August: Publishing: how to submit your writing for publication: find where to send it, sort your layout, and write synopses and cover letters
Read more details about the Summer of Writing workshops and book your places here. NB: Workshops are limited to 12 places and fill up quickly, so do book in advance if you can.

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