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Friday, 6 November 2020

Weekly writing prompt: Magic power backfires


In the run-up to the online Imaginary Worlds course in February, I'm posting a short writing prompt for each weekend, to carry you through the winter – plenty of different stuff for you to play around with as a chance to experiment, start inventing, get your pen moving, and have fun.

This week's prompt is A MAGIC POWER BACKFIRES. We're in the realm of fantasy, here – or fairy tales, tall tales, magical realism... The worlds of magic, in short.

What superpower or magical power have you always really wanted? (For me, that's breathing underwater or flying.) You're going to give someone that magic power – and then explore all the ways it backfires and all the problems it creates.

I suggest you do this as a ten-minute exercise, free-writing all the ways it goes wrong. That freewriting might include talking out loud to yourself on paper, writing snippets of dialogue or description, summarising events, dipping into storytelling whatever comes out of your pen. Enjoy it!

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