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Friday, 11 December 2020

Weekly writing prompt: Imaginary manual

Imaginary Manual

In the run-up to the online Imaginary Worlds course in February, I'm posting a writing prompt each weekend, to carry you through the winter – plenty of different stuff for you to play around with as a chance to experiment, start inventing, get your pen moving, and have fun!

This week's prompt is to write an IMAGINARY MANUAL – for a machine you wish existed, or a machine that definitely shouldn't exist, or a machine whose purpose remains wholly unclear but you give very meticulous instructions on how to operate it anyway, and maybe some troubleshooting advice to boot. You don't have to have any idea about your machine when you start writing: just launch into the manual and find out the rest as you go along. If in doubt, write it down.

If you're doing this as a quick exercise, set a timer (10 mins is good) and set about discovering your machine!

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